About Us

What is FutureKey?

FutureKey is a platform enabling travelers to purchase discounted gift cards for future hotel stays. FutureKey was founded during the Covid-19 crisis with a mission to help and is set up so that a portion of every sale (in the case of most of our hotels all of it) to Employee Relief Funds.

What is an Employee Relief Fund?

Many hotels furloughed their staff during the temporary suspension of services and set up Employee Relief Funds in response, which provide urgent relief to the staff affected at the hotels and their restaurants, bars and venues. A portion of every sale is contributed to these Employee Relief Funds, so your purchase is directly helping some of the people affected most by the situation.

Getting your Gift Card

How quickly after purchase do I get my gift card?

FutureKey will email you your gift card information within 24 hours of purchase.

Does the purchaser of the gift card have to be the one using it?

Nope, gift cards can be purchased for yourself or for someone else. The unique gift card number must be present to use at the hotel. If you would like to purchase a gift card for someone else, please note their first and last name during the checkout process on FutureKey. The hotel will ask for ID at check-in and the name on the ID and gift card must match.

Are there any fees at the time of purchase or when I use my gift card?

There are no fees for purchasing a gift card and the value of the gift card offsets any charges to your guest room folio for reservations that you book directly with the hotel, just like any other form of payment.

When will my credit card be charged for my gift card?

Your credit card will be charged after you click "Pay Now" on the check-out window of your completed order form. Gift card purchases are non-refundable.

Using your Gift Card

How do I use my hotel gift card?

After placing an order, FutureKey will send you an email with a unique code and information about your gift card. To use your gift card, you must book directly with the hotel on the hotel website, phone or by email. Simply let the hotel know during check-in and the hotel will apply your gift card to your bill at check out. For in-house guests, any charge that can be applied to a hotel folio can be paid for with your gift card. Upon check-in, a credit card is required for authorization of total room, tax, and incidental coverage. Standard hotel reservation policies apply.

Do the gift cards expire?

Never. Buy them now, and use them whenever you want to visit the hotel.

Are there blackout dates or times I won’t be able to book using my gift card?

There are no black-out dates for people using a gift card. You can use the gift card any time, as long as you book directly with the hotel and they have availability.

Are gift cards transferable between properties?

They’re not. Gift cards can only be used at the hotel that sold it.

Can I book a room on Expedia, Booking.com or any other online travel website and use my gift card?

No, reservations must be made directly with the hotel to use your gift card.

Can I use a gift card to pre-pay for a room reservation (e.g. Advance Purchase Rates)?

No, Advance Purchase reservations are charged to the credit card used to make the reservation at the time of booking. You can use your gift card for anything over and above the room and tax charged to your Advance Purchase when you check out of the hotel.

Can I use a gift card to guarantee room reservations?

No, a credit card is required to book and guarantee a room reservation.

Does the entire value of the gift card have to be redeemed at once?

No, the gift card may be used multiple times until the entire value has been redeemed at that specific hotel.

What if the total bill exceeds the value of my gift card?

If your bill exceeds the amount of your gift card, you are responsible for the remaining amount with another form of payment.

Will I receive cashback if I do not spend the entire value of the gift card?

Gift cards are not redeemable for cash, except where required by law.

Can I redeem more than one gift card at the hotel at check-out?

You sure can. The value of your gift card(s) can be combined to use against your total bill at check out.

Can I use my gift card for Group reservations?

If your group reservation is pre-paid or paid by the group organizer you can only use your gift cards for any incidentals you charge to your room during your stay.

Can I use my gift cards for Corporate Negotiated reservations?

If your corporate reservation is pre-paid or paid by the company you can only use your gift cards for any incidentals charges you charge to your room during your stay.

Is a Credit the same as a gift card?

Credits are issued by the Hotel and are only redeemable at that Hotel in accordance with its terms just like a traditional gift card.

Does FutureKey issue Credits?

No. Credits for a particular Hotel are issued by that Hotel.


What happens if I misplace my gift card confirmation email?

If you misplace your gift card confirmation email, just contact FutureKey using the email address you used to purchase it.

How can I check my gift card balance?

You can reach out to the hotel directly to check your credit balance.

What happens if the hotel stops operating before I use my gift card?

While many hotels have temporarily suspended operations during the Covid-19 crisis, you will still be able to book for dates when the hotel resumes in accordance with the hotel's booking policies. FutureKey strives to partner with hotels in strong financial shape and has a process with hotel partners that plan to transfer ownership or close.

Other Questions?

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